Mr. Sunil Puneja Founder/ Managing Director,

Sunil Puneja having his strong base at Thane District is a well-known fraternity in the real estate business. An avid traveler and self- inspirer he believes in grabbing opportunities that come his way rather than wait and watch. Expanding creatively he is also stepping into the business of leasing properties and the big examples are D-Mart Kalyan, Reliance Trend Bhiwandi, Narayana Schools in Thane District which have been successful because of his efforts.

Simple, yet focused in his approach Sunil Puneja says " I am self-motivator and love my work. I always feel happy to wake up in the morning with a feeling that I am doing what I loved to and excelling professionally ".

Though he does not have any godfather in the real estate business, he has achieved everything on his own. Talking about his family he says " My father is in foreign services which include traveling to different countries, but when it comes to establishing a business my first choice was India. I completed some part of my education at Stockholm in Sweden, learned the basics of business and today I am a front runner and others follow me"

Our Founder is definitely a core businessman at his heart but he is a staunch follower of numerology and love numbers. He adds " 70 is my lucky number and I make sure that I incorporate this number to my mobile as well as my car number plate.

However, he is most proud of the fact that his core team will stand by him in any storm. He says with pride “We have built a great team which is committed, passionate and believes that they can build a very large and meaningful business here.”